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sequence recording error gameplay

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    sequence recording error gameplay

    my character and my camera change its posiition when i recorder it.

    ![alt text][1]Click image for larger version

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    thats ir the correct position, this is when i hit the play button while im recording it
    BUT, when i watch the sequence it look like this!
    alt text

    Click image for larger version

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    its pointing to the floor, and all de movements that i made with my character are change directions
    for example: I turn my character to the left but in the record sequence it turn up! and pointing to the floor

    I have been playing with recorder all that. And this wouldn't be the strangest thing that has happened.
    In the end to fix a similar issue I ended up just breaking the sequences into multiple bits, which creates special "sequencer actors" of some sort, with a thunderbolt.
    I ended up moving their rotation before recording the export.
    Obviously that won't work for you if you do not need to export.