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Need some advice implement new shading.

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    Need some advice implement new shading.

    I am currently trying to implement Cone Step Mapping... So far I am not sure where to start since I am from Unity Background.

    I think it might have to do with UE4's default Deferred rendering GBuffer, so I was limited to how I can implement this.

    My first thought was to not connect anything through diffuse/specular/normal channels, and just use emissive channel and create custom .usf node for CSM(Not sure if this is correct though, and what kind of calculation is going into this)

    Second thought was to Create my own custom shading dragdown option choosing from unlit/default which require modify of Engine Source Code.

    I was wondering if there is easier way to this, such as in Unity, I can just create a .shader that allow me to modify fragment shader directly.

    I'm assuming you're talking about relaxed cone stepping, unfortunately I can't help you but I know that this effect was used in Gears 5 and some of the devs (including the technical art director(s)) will be online tomorrow for Epic's livestream.

    So you might be able to get the opportunity to ask how they implemented it either by dropping into the stream chat or by asking in the announcement thread.