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Spot light , Fog problem

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    Spot light , Fog problem


    I have very simple scene to make the problem more clear.
    as you can see the spot light is inside the cylinder but fog still renders.
    is it something that I need to solve with fog or light emissive color or something else?

    thank you.
    please look at the pictures:

    It'll be very appreciated if someone can tell me what's going on here.
    I have lots of spot lights that I need to cast volumetric fog and all of them have this problem.


      Hopefully somebody can provide you with a real solution, but as a workaround would be to stack two spotlights on top of eachother, one with a very wide outer cone angle and a low intensity/attenuation, and a second light which is used as your "real" light. It's not cheap though and the overlapping attenuation can be noticeable on objects that they light.

      Click image for larger version

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      For whatever it is worth, this effect is fairly easy to fake with an unlit translucent material on a cone mesh. Epic actually has a couple of examples of this in the Blueprints project on the learn tab. When combined with depth + fresnel fade it can be pretty convincing.


        Thank you very much.
        yes this is one of the solutions indeed.
        about the fake cone with translucent material, It is great for distant light. unfortunately for the lights I need to pass by or look through the fog It shows.