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    Particle Smoke Stream Niagara

    Hi there,

    I´m trying to recreate somtehing like this: (Starts around 00:46)

    Any tips on how to achieve this?

    I tried moving a ParticleEmitter along a spline. But the problem is, that only the emitter moves, the particles stay, where they were spawned...makes sense, but that`s now what I want. I want the spawned particles to move along the spline, so it looks like they get "sucked in". Is that possible?

    I also tried a different approach, created a mesh in the form of the "flow area" and gave it a material with a moving smoke texture, but I´m not really happy with the result.

    Also, is it possible to create a dynamic smoke simulation purely in UnrealEngine? I saw people importing simulations from Houdini, is that the only way?
    What about volumetric smoke? I tried volume texture, but didtn really got it working.

    Any help appreciated, thanks!

    EDIT: Ok, I got the Particles moving along a spline using this tutorial:
    And dynamic smoke sim probably not possible?
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    Check this video to min 57 Twitch UE4 you will find info also in this video Niagara in 4.25