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How can I troubleshoot ndisplay Frame synchronization issues in 4.24?

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    How can I troubleshoot ndisplay Frame synchronization issues in 4.24?

    I am trying to use ndisplay in a curved screen project.

    The current test environment is three nodes, each consisting of a PC and a projector, and I want to use 4k resolution per node.

    In the previous environment with 1 PC and 2 laptops, the frame rate was low at 25 fps (probably synchronized with a low performance node), but it seems to be synchronized.

    After that, I bought three PCs with the same specs (i7-9700, 64g ram, rtx 2080) for better performance, but noticed delays between nodes and poor synchronization.

    In some cases, the pawn's transform was not only delayed, but in a completely different position. In this case, only two nodes were synchronized except the master.

    I was wondering what went wrong. I built and tested the ndisplay template project but it seems to be out of sync.

    The video below is a high speed shot of the phone.

    I looked at a previous article in the forum and considered buying a Quadro.

    However, I bought the rtx series because opengl, the limitation of NV swap lock, disappeared from the 4.24 ndisplay launcher and software swap synchronization seemed to work.

    But should I have been trying to use NV Swap Lock to do the synchronization?

    nDisplay dev here!

    Here is what you need for such setup:

    1. nDisplay 4.23
    2. Quadro Series videocards + Quadro Sync boards
    3. Easyblend from Scalable Display Technologies to blend and warp your system