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Performance low, troubleshooting culling?

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    Performance low, troubleshooting culling?

    Hey all! I am having some issues, we have a fairly basic level where its tight enclosed places where the engines native culling of hidden geo should give us a performance boost when in a small and tight area. However with the scene empty were getting about 50FPS (Not good enough for VR) And with everything in the map (Everything is baked) We get 28-30FPS looking from above, and inside the environment we still only get about 28-30 FPS. Its almost like the engine is not culling anything. And this is at Medium settings.

    I have done research on this all day today so far, and can't seem to find any specific fix for this somewhat widespread complaint as far as odd performance goes.

    Here is the details.

    The level is fairly small, and made of simple cubes pretty much, we have aggressive LODs on everything else. when we go to unlit mode the performance goes to 100FPS, but heres the thing, all we have is just the sun, and according to Unreal the lightmap density is actually not too bad visually. However it does say we have a total of 11,000 pixels in our lightmap total (Which we can see in Statistics window) Is that too much anyway? Could the be causing the issue?

    The Rig:

    GPU: Titan Black CPU: AMD 8590 Quad Core RAM: 32GB of DDR3 2133 Gaming memory. Resolution 1920x1080 (For Oculus)