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Splitting Item in half with two different textures

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    Splitting Item in half with two different textures

    I was wondering if it was possible to add different textures to different sides of my mesh? I have 2 sets of uvs one for each side but I dont know how to assign a texture to the different uvs and I really dont want to go into blender to add a material to each side for all my walls.

    Technically you don't even need the 2 UVs.

    you could create a material shader in unreal that has the two sided option and selects the other side's texture via nodes.
    To a lerp with texture 1 in a and texture 2 in b

    Otherwise to do it in blender you should have to double your geometry. Normally that's not a big performance loss since the extra geometry should get occluded automatically.
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      Im still confused sorry im kind of a noob at unreal engine I still cant figure out nodes . I would like side 1 black and side 2 white labeled them here. Im not having a problem with two sided thing I just need my material to be split into the 2 sides.


        Ok hang on.
        First of.
        Is the wall already double sided? If yes, this is done in Blender by assigning the proper material to the proper side.
        The wall will get rendered on both sides, so for optimization purposes - depending on what you are building - it might be best to create a one side wall instead (vr and mobile, everything else should be fine with double sided stuff).

        IF NOT,
        This should be done within the material shader, you can choose a number of options to determine the side that needs a certain texture vs the other.
        Your project and needs would determine what you need to do into the shader. Its not exactly one size fit all, but you could use the info above to start.
        Or you could determine the texture based on world aligned math. Youd have to figure out what's best for the project.

        At the same time, you could easily just double the geometry in engine by dragging in a other wall, aligning it behind and changing the color. This would be more geometry, but easier to use and allow you more control like additional vertex paint which you wouldn't get in a one face double sided material covered mesh.