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VFX (particle effect) over User Interface

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    VFX (particle effect) over User Interface

    Hey folks,

    Is there a way to put particle effects on top of UI?

    We're working on a mobile game for android and I want to add particle effects on top of buttons and other elements. Things like, ripple effect, spark, glow, etc.
    This supposed to be a very basic thing and with the programmers, we couldn't find a solution. I've already done some research. I don't want to give up on making it work. There has to be a way!

    You can see how the health bar is on top of the animation.
    This animation is made via the particle system.

    What we found so far
    1/ Have the particle placed in the world --> Unfortunately the UI is rendered in front of the VFX. See the picture
    2/ Changing the Zorder --> that works only within the Widget
    3/ Capturing the particle with a camera and placing it inside the Widget --> There is no transparency
    4/ Using a flipbook animation --> Too big textures, too jerky animation
    5/ There is a purchasable plugin that has a very basic particle editor built for UI --> Seems limited and we don't know its performance impact on mobile

    Again there has to be a way! This is so basic. Most of the mobile games has particle on top of UI. It's so easy to do it in Unity.

    Guys do you have any idea?
    Maybe I'm missing something.

    Thanks in advance,