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Strange issue whit preview light

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    Strange issue whit preview light

    i make a blank proyect to test this.
    when i make a blank proyect i put the preview in ES3.1 (takes like 20 mins to make the preview )
    and the light is more bright in some areas than the standar preview, and when i compile scene for android the game looks like the ES3.1 preview ( more bright )

    i remember in a old version of unreal i dont have that problem
    someone have the same issue or maybe i make a error in something ?

    someone can replicate this, maybe my config machine is bad
    please help me what is the problem and what i can do ?
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    When it compiles for android doesn't it just use different shaders? Or are their different graphical settings you can apply for the android version?


      i remember than when i compile for android maybe the 4.18 version, the shading is the same than the sm5 preview,,
      i know the shaders are different for android, but now they are to much different now

      you can make a test in you pc of that, maybe there is something bad whit my pc
      open a blank scene and make the preview whit es3.1, and see if the light is different


        in this images i deleted all the lights source and the sky and the diference of light persist,, when i put the es3.1 preview the light is more bright
        you can replicate that in your own machine

        what can be the problem ? or now is normal than in es3.1 preview the light is more bright ?