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Post Process Displacement on Game Characters

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    Post Process Displacement on Game Characters

    Is there anyway to avoid seeing double characters when using this post process displacement effect? You can see that static meshes are distorting well but the character is being shown on top of it's distortion.

    In short. No. Not the way you have it set up now.

    In a bit more lenght, yes, but you have to dump the postprocess and make a new one that only uses a custom post process material.

    to make the material you assign a scalar as the Z of the water, and you make a 0 to 1 mask (0 transparent 1 visible) to use in a lerp (absolute world position - Z value as distance).

    Then you just lerp a few textures to displace things on that mask, and you can get effects that seem to be half in water half not.

    The waves pose a further challenge. If you have the overhead you can make the water a custom stencil / custom depth object, and isolate the stencil in a similar manner to the lerp above.

    You can also toss the character in the custom stencil and exclude him entirely from the PP, so that not even the parts in water would ever be blurry. Or viceversa.


      Ah I'm not talking about the split between in the water and out of the water, I'm not too worried about the transition there and this is a river so there is no static Z of the water.

      I was wondering about seeing double characters (1 distorted, 1 not distorted).

      I'm not familiar with using stencils and PP materials, is there a way to just render the post processed image on top of the character?
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        The issue you have in the first image is from the water post process settings.
        If you reset the lense and only use materials you won't get any double effect at all.

        You have to basically mimic the lense blur with a transparent image.

        Another possible issue might be refraction/reflection. is there a reflection capture in scene? And if so, is the water plane reflecting?

        Underwater should reflect the under and block the top.
        over is viceversa.

        the last image you shared really seems more of a reflection issue. To test you can try and disable the postprocess and see if the double is gone or not.