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Chroma Key Material?

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    Chroma Key Material?

    Does anybody know how to create a Chroma Key Material for a Green Screen?
    Or is there anywhere already a Material / Shader for free download?

    Thank you so much for any little help,
    appreciate it!

    This what you're looking for?


      yes. Unfortunately, I can't follow that tutorial.
      I tried. But I was not able to understand the proper steps.

      This tutorial might be good for very technical guys and coders - but I am more a visual person and I can't follow and understand what he is doing.

      Is there no way to find from Epic or someone else a Video-Tutorial that shows exactly how to setup that material?
      Or maybe a Demo Scene file I could download to see how the material and the nodes have been used and connected?

      Thank you very much!


        Ok try this thread where a bunch of guy from 2015 were testing it out someone even made a video about it at the bottom of the thread.

        Chroma Key thread:

        Video on how to build material:

        Video part2:


          Those two video tutorials are the ones I tried before and failed. For some reason, it didn't work. I followed step by step and created the exact same nodes to replicate that material. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Not sure if it has something to do with 4.23. But no matter what I tried. Nope. Can't seem to create a chroma key material that works.