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How long will it take to create these models?

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    How long will it take to create these models?

    Not sure if this is the right section or not, if it isn't, let me know.

    I want to hire a team of developers in the future for an FPS game, so i am wondering how long would it take for a single developer to create a cartoony scene and a realistic scene from scratch, excluding animations and the server sided work.
    I need to get an idea, so the budget i need in mind would be more accurate.


    Realistic scene example:
    Cartoony scene example:

    How long would it take you to create a cartoony version of the realistic scene example?
    How long would it take you to create the same scene as the realistic scene example?
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    you'll need to clarify if you will be providing the assets and just want somebody to make a level with them or if you want them to make the props from scratch. definitely, browse around the marketplace for prop packs, because that'll save some $$. there are also several stores on the web which sell 3d models.
    If you want assets made from scratch, then you'll want to provide a list of specific assets that you want made.
    If you want somebody to make a character or vehicle also include a list of any animations you'd like walk/run/idle/jump/ect.

    Ultimately, the toony scene will be significantly cheaper if that's what you're wondering. Even if you buy prop packs there will be some things that will need to custom made for your game. Looks like a lot of the materials in that toony scene don't even use a textures so that will save time. The clouds would take about an hour to model and put into a blueprint to handle spawning instances an moving them across the sky. Similar looking trees and grass should be available in a prop pack and there's a spline road blueprint available in the epic launcher. You'd have to make a landscape material that blends grass and dirt that could take some time depending on how much the artist wants to tweak it. If you exclude the truck and the character I'd expect the toony scene to be assembled in 1-3 days of work assuming you buy a prop pack.

    I haven't worked much with realistic props so I don't really want to estimate that, because I'm sure I'd be wrong.
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      The cartoony style would be significantly cheaper... Like IndieGameCove has mentioned, there are various packs you can purchase that can fit this style easily.

      However, I'd say the more important element is the design and mechanics of the game. Take Thomas Was Alone and Minecraft. Very basic games in terms of art, however they nailed the design.

      There are various games with this cartoony art style, due to the simplicity, however have fallen under the radar for not standing out, so that's what I would consider when moving forward!


        Thanks for the answers, but can someone tell me how many times more the realistic scene would take?