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Blurriness in Render

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    Blurriness in Render


    We are having trouble figuring out why our Twinmotion exports are coming out blurry from a far away distance, but once we zoom closer, the image comes out a lot better?

    I've already troubleshot a bunch of potential culprits why this might be happening within the Twinmotion interface:
    - DOF is OFF (depth of field)
    - Camera setting is set to FULL HD
    - Vignetting is OFF
    - ALL filters under visual effects is OFF
    - Material properties: reflection is OFF and opacity is OFF

    I also tried troubleshooting processes outside of the Twinmotion interface:
    - exporting images from a different computer with higher resolution, and it still came out with the same blurriness.
    - imported .skp (SketchUp) files instead of .dae (COLLADA) and still same blurry resolution

    Any ideas why this might be happening would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    I don't know if Twinmotion has the option but by default the engine uses something called Texture Streaming where it will switch between different resolutions of textures based on how close you are. Twinmotion might have an option to turn that off.