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Version 4.2 change materials

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    Version 4.2 change materials

    Hello guys, I don´t know if you have the same problem. But today I upgraded the latest unreal version. And I see that the material in the skelletalmesh has changed.

    Here is the example

    We are a small students group doing test in the engine, and have to change the material of the unreal skelletalmesh, because this is more comfortable for our tests. Now it shines more, and we dont want it.

    If someone tell us a solution, thanks

    Hi Neo0eve,

    I've just made a simple test scene and there is no difference in the basic character material.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	4.4.1 -.PNG
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Size:	269.0 KB
ID:	1056509


    Click image for larger version

Name:	4.4.2.PNG
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Size:	238.9 KB
ID:	1056510

    I'm not seeing a difference here between the two. I just did update to the latest 4.4.2 from 4.4.1.

    How is your scene setup, what elements do you have in scene (directional light, emissive materials, character material)?

    Thank you!

    Tim Hobson | Learning Resources | Epic Games
    UE4 Documentation


      Thank you for the reply Tim!

      My scene has many directional lights and a box relfection, here a pic of it and as you can see right the World settings.

      So, when I did the template I change the material of the main character, because blue isn´t good for the test, so, I put a red, and break the link of metallicness in the material because I dont want shine finish. And the character seems like that And I didn´t touch anything, but when I install the new version the character seems another kind of shader like that

      And when I open a new project, I don´t know, but my project seems like that.

      So I send you the main character material also

      I don´t know if I toch a forbidden thing and I was so clumsy

      Thank you so much guys!


        Correct me if I am wrong but normally having multiple directional lights is not a good thing cause it's basically like mimicking a boat load of suns. Could you possibly change them to point or spot and make them moveable if you need Dynamics? Cause from what I see it looks like he just has way to much light/post process on him from multiple directional lights.
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