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Efficient Post processing?

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    Efficient Post processing?


    I want to represent a kind of "unload" for several scenes. Different meshes should dissolve bit by bit.

    like here

    But how do I solve this best?

    I had thought of 2 ways:

    1) I dissolve each mesh individually, which is very detrimental, because I have many textures per mesh and I would have to do this for each texture with many meshes.

    2. i use a post process volume and let the meshes dissolve, but i can't control what should and shouldn't dissolve.

    Is there a way within a post process volume to only "activate" certain objects and not let effect capture all others?

    or do you see another way how i can solve this efficiently?


    Savagee25 It's definitely a post process. PP work on the screen buffer ( as far as I know ) so you can't pick and choose meshes because the information is no longer available.
    Check out Zof ( puzzle game ) on Steam:


      if the pp is set to before translucency it won't effect translucent or additive materials.
      alternatively for opaque meshes, you could prevent meshes from dissolving if you have them render a custom depth pass(see details pane on each mesh) and then mask that out in the pp material. it's not a perfect solution since you're working in screen space.
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