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Absolute World Position doesnt take geometry into account in SM3

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    Hi and thank you for your response.
    I tested it in Shader Model 3.1 and it didn't help.
    The screen is getting white now instead of RGB. But the geometry is still not taken into account.

    I think, I am gonna use exponential height Fog anyway, because it doesn't have any serious impact into the performance.

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    Between the absolute world position and camera position, you want to use a distance node, not a subtract node.

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    Thanks for you reply.
    I am actually using exponential height fog and I am very happy with it

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    You're "afraid" or did you actually verify that exponential height fog is too expensive? Because AFAIK it's calculated per vertex in mobile, which should be a lot cheaper than any post process.

    If you want even cheaper fog, roll your own vertex fog using vertex interpolators and add it to all your materials.

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  • Absolute World Position doesnt take geometry into account in SM3

    I am having a problem with rendering a fog effect for mobile.
    I was trying to use a combination of Absolute World Position and Camera Position in a Post Process Material to render the distance and to tint the result based on that distance.
    Below you see a test setting for this.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PPMat.jpg
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    This works like a charm in Shader Model 5:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SM5.jpg
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    Unfortunately when rendered in Android GLES3.1 preview (my project shall run on Android devices), the geometry is showing no effect.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SM3.jpg
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ID:	1584488

    Right now I am using Exponential Height Fog to render the fog in my map, but I am afraid that it is too expensive for many devices.
    So I would love to find a solution for this problem.
    I have already played with a fog effect via the materials based on the distance. But with that, I have to change each material in a map, which is annoying.

    Is anyone having an idea, how I could achieve a cheap fog effect in SM3?

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