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Need your brains! Sky dive, large or infinity terrain ?!?

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    Need your brains! Sky dive, large or infinity terrain ?!?

    Hello brain hive!

    Im working on a VR sky dive project where we need to simulate a HALO jump. Im wondering what can be done in creating an infinity terrain that uses LOD / textures so the ground get more and more clear / more detail as you approach.

    Im currently fighting the engine trying to greate a large enough terrain in the world and wonder if any of you might have any ideas or seen anything like this done in UE4 before. Any feed back is really appriciated. Im trying to cheat the expirience as much as possible to any good trick will do!

    Thank you in advance!

    Ideally you'd want to create a terrain that is really nested circles of detail. I'd probably skip over using the existing terrain/landscape features and use custom meshes and LODs, the terrain system is optimized more for gameplay taking place on the ground, not skydiving.

    There's a lot of things you could do to cheat or cover up seams and transitions depending on what exactly you want to do. Have the player briefly go through a cloud and white out the screen. Using simple textures and cards instead of geometry.