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    I do not understand why I can't scale a point light, for example, in order to have it proportional to the size to the mesh I'm using it with. Say I want to make a 500m bonfire... I can't. At least not in the way I can do it if the bonfire was 1m big, just drag and drop a point light and boom done. The mesh in the photo is 0.0025m, which means I would need to scale up my point light by at least 4 decimals. I can't work on such a low scale, and I can't scale up the point light. I've hit a wall. I'm sure there is a super complex way to do this, full of steps and whatnot: I welcome any leads to how can I solve my lighting. Thanks for your time. Click image for larger version

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    You could make a blueprint that scales up the brightness of the point light along with the scale of the blueprint/bonfire.