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setting global depth field resolution

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    setting global depth field resolution

    I'm working on a water material that uses depth fields to create waves around things in it. Technically, the material itself works, and the depth field resolution on the meshes placed into the water are accurate enough (they're pretty simple to begin with), but sometimes the waves are centered in the middle-ish of where the mesh intersects the water, sometimes it's centered just outside of the mesh, depending on where the mesh is placed. It looks to me like the global DF resolution isn't sufficient.

    So what's the best way to fix this? Looking at various posts, it looks like I need to up the r.AOGlobalDFResolution, but:
    1-what file do I add 'r.AOGlobalDFResolution'? I assume it's one of the ini files...
    2-is it with an equals (r.AOGlobalDFResolution=128)?
    2-what's the default value/what would be too big?

    (pics in a few hours when I can)
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    Chris Lomaka

    1) Config/DefaultEngine.ini
    2) Without. Just a space.
    3) Default is 128. Anything above 256 is questionable.

    In your case, every mesh, that has dimensions lower than one cell of distance field will be hard to represent accurately. Sometimes, instead of bumping DF resolution, you can perform additional, smoother interpolation by sampling it several times in material.