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    Red Room

    Hey Guys! I had this problem already in another scene but now it's back again, red light everywhere.

    Last time i deleted some lights and it was fine again. I changed something in world/lightcomponent settings but I can't remember what exactly.

    I only have 3/4 reflection items which shouldn't be a problem but i could be wrong.

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    Use the Viewmodes to narrow down where it's coming from.

    Detail Lighting - All lighting, including diffuse and specular, plus reflection captures, material features(for roughness, metallic, normal), etc. If it appears here, chances are it might be more obvious what is causing it in this view

    Lighting Only - Diffuse lighting only. If it's red in this view, then you can narrow it down to your lighting

    Reflections - Disable SSR in the viewport otherwise this mode is hard to look at. But this will show only the pre-computed reflection probes. If it's visible in here, you can narrow it down to something in the scene contributing during the light bake.

    You can also go through the Show tab and start disabling lighting components to see if it's baked GI, diffuse lighting, specular lighting, etc.
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      Check all you light to Use temperature checker box. Temperature always override color which you picked, so its no matter if you light have 255.255.255 in Light color and look white at first glance, final color will be taken from temperature settings.


        Stop messing with Indirect Light Intensity unless your scene is aiming for stylized visuals or some specific requirements. That's where all the red is coming from: the many red-ish surfaces on your scene, which are reflecting more light than they receive.

        Set Indirect Light Intensity to 1 and never touch it. Otherwise you're going into non-physical territory.

        If you think your scene is too dark or you cannot make the indirect lighting out, increase exposure. Exposure settings are as important as lighting itself.
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