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Shadow Filtering Medal Of Honor 2010

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    Shadow Filtering Medal Of Honor 2010

    Hi all,

    I have been playing around with the game MOH2010, Frostbite 1 engine. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of things.

    By default the game has very poorly done shadows, they fade in and pop up very noticeable. Inside the engine.ini file i have found these settings and trying to find a balance that works well.

    MaxShadowResolution=1024 - Changing the resolution seems to do nothing much

    ShadowFadeExponent=3.000000 (Default 1.000000)
    ShadowTexelsPerPixel=1.000000 (Default 2.000000)
    ShadowFilterRadius=0.300000 (Default 1.000000)
    CSMDistanceScale=6.000000 (Default 1.000000) Default is simply to poor for my eyes. I have not much idea what i am doing. Rising this causes some shadows in peripheral vision to not appear properly. A rendering type draw line is created whit camera movement in the peripheral vision. Thinking because the game came out in 2010, its designed to be played in 4:3 ratio. Running in lower 1024x768 screen res would hide this unwanted effect.

    CSMSizeScale=2.500000 (Default 1.000000) Rising this causes performance drop which i would expect. Leaving all the above settings to default and only raising this hugely increases shadow quality, the drawback is there is a horrible rendering draw line that is created at around 30-40meters. I am not sure what the propper name for this effect would be?

    Just doing a lot of trial and error. I choose this game because i am a fan of unreal engine. This game is keeping me interested and i feel i am gaining some slight knowledge. I thought i would ask and see if some guru knows a good balance, or can explain some more without pointing me to the unreal engine manual. My hope is that someone comes along here and can enlighten me to an extent and perhaps give me a good idea to make the game look better for the sake of modding purposes.

    The settings above have made it so the shadows don't pop in so badly, seems like i almost hit a sweet spot, and there is not much of a noticeable draw line while moving. The shadows are still not quite right when you get up close. Other than that i am quite happy with what i have achieved without much knowledge of UE3/Frostbite.

    I read somewhere that some games create a log file where you can collect correct values. Pretty sure MOH doesn't have this.

    Any feedback is much appreciated and i hope i have come to the right place. If i have not then i am sorry and would gladly be pointed in the right direction.

    Thanks for reading.
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