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Need good method to have multiple skyboxes in one level

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    Need good method to have multiple skyboxes in one level

    Since a large scale multiplayer game can only have one level, I need a way to have multiple skyboxes in the same level. Currently this is an issue only because firstly from afar you can always see the skybox even if you aren't inside of it, and not to mention other than teleporting there would be no way to leave a skybox other than walking through it which also isn't ideal at all. If anyone has any ideas for me I'd be grateful, thank you!

    If you're just moving outside of the skybox, either make it bigger or attach its location to the camera. If you want the sky to change when you go to different area, then change some variables in the material instance when you walk into it.


      Well I don't see switching out the sky box as being the issue but rather if in a multiplayer environment the sky box would have to be replicated for all players as well?

      If it's just a visual element then there is no need for replication but if any of the many clients can change the state of the sky box then the constant changing can become rather annoying after a while.

      As for changing the sky box with in the same environment there are a few ways that I can think of.

      1) You can switch on and off the visibility or use in game setting using one of the many different triggers available.
      2) Place the sky box on a streaming level and switch them in and out using a blueprint.

      Switching use in game elements can be added and removed in a dynamic fashion on the object level where with streaming levels you can switch out entire levels with in the same persistent level

      What to go with really depends on the purpose of function with in the game design be it a game mechanic or a function based on player interaction?

      You say you need multiple skyboxes but not a reason as to why.
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