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Actor Mobility is unclear

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    Actor Mobility is unclear

    I'm confused about the mobilitiy I can set for a StaticMeshActor. Here it says:

    Static Mesh Actors cannot have a Mobility of Stationary.

    So I assumed a StaticMeshActor can only be static or movable... But why is it then possible to set it stationary? Hovering over the stationary button says, that the object can be changed but not moved and enables cached lighting methods "Cached Dynamic Shadows". But I cant find anything about "Cached Dynamic Shadows"...

    Thanks for pointing that out! I'll get that fixed up soon.

    The info there is from before there was cached dynamic lighting and stationary mobility was not used for static meshes.

    The info you're looking for is Shadow Map Caching found here:
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      Ah nice! Thx for the update and notification!