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    How to blend this


    So i'm trying to make a square where the bottom of the it is all green, then towards the top of the square it fades out. This is what i have so far, but how do I get the top of the square to be the same colour as whatever the top of the side will be? And where i've beveled it on the edge it's all the same green, how will that fade out like the rest of it?Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet

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    I can't tell from the image exactly what it is as it's not big enough to see. If this is a cube rather than a 2D square, do you need the top of the cube there as it will be transparent?

    Could you provide a bigger image so that we can see more of what you're trying to achieve?
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      If it's a square, you can mask/break a TextureCoordinate node and multiply that by a color (or lerp between 2 colors). If it's a cube, mask/break a WorldCoordinate node, Add node with a constant1 parameter, divide node with a constant 1 parameter, then multiply by color or lerp between 2 colors, create a material instance, apply that to the cube, scrub the Add variable to adjust the gradient location, scrub the divide variable to stretch the gradient.