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Issues with VR rending since 4.20 (using DirectX)

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    Issues with VR rending since 4.20 (using DirectX)


    After updating 4.20 from the preview build to the release build, this happened:

    (Uncompressed version:

    Whenever I start my game in VR a weird pattern is drawn over all game graphics. Even thumbnails are affected! To make it disappear I have to restart the editor.

    The pattern looks a lot like the lens distortion UE applied to VR games.

    The preview builds for 4.20 worked just fine, but I can't get VR rendering to work since the official release.

    I can get the pattern to disappear if I take a HighResScreenshot while not in VR. Upon starting the VR mode the pattern reappears though.

    Today I discovered that this only happens when I use DirectX. Vulkan and OpenGL have their own problems though, so I can't really use them. Past version of UE still work - right now I'm using 4.19. I've not found a way to redownload the preview builds.

    Here are the things I've tried:

    * Reinstalling UE 4.20
    * Creating a brand new project
    * Updating my graphics card driver (I'm using an AMD R9 390)
    * Deleting my derived data cache (Which I hope I did correctly)
    * Creating a topic on Answerhub (heh)

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? If there's some clean way to reinstall UE, or if anyone has a list of things for me to try, then I'll gladly do it.

    I am completely open to all suggestions. All answers are appreciated!

    The only idea I have at the moment is that it's somehow related to mixed reality (a new feature in 4.20).

    But mixed reality is part of a plugin which I've not even enabled.

    From what I can see there were no other new VR features in 4.20...


      Removing point lights removes the corruption for all 3D objects. Any ideas? Cause I'm running out.


        Here's the DxDiag.

        Tried rolling back drivers.
        Drivers from last year crash UE4 4.20. Drivers from a few months ago work, but have the same issue.
        So I assume it's not driver related!
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          Is there a better place to get support for problems like these?

          I've tried the Answershub, and I've tried the forums. But I'm hardly getting any views, and basically no responses.

          I feel like this is a technical issue I cannot solve myself. I would appreciate any help.

          Edit: I think my issue's related to the depth buffer. Check this out (Before / After starting VR mode)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	252684depthbufferaftervr.png
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Size:	563.3 KB
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            I have same problem, but to me it only happens if r.screenpercentage is set to exactly 100. Any other number works fine, even 99.9, 100.1 and so on.
            I also have an AMD GPU ( RX480 ), maybe it's related.