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HLOD...totally incomprehensible, it keeps not working, crashing... I'm so bored

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    HLOD...totally incomprehensible, it keeps not working, crashing... I'm so bored

    Hello guys,

    I am working on a game which is almost finished... Well, that's what I thought...

    Indeed, there a some levels which are pretty complex and where FPS are pretty low sometimes (~10 FPS). So I tried to use HLOD (with different settings like those in the picture 1) but for some f***ing reason, after 2 hours of building LOD it crash, saying "Out of memory blabla..." or it opens Crash report window (at around 40%).

    The problem is I have a good PC so this is probably not the reason. Indeed I have:

    - Ryzen 7 1700 (8 cores/16 threads)
    - GTX 1060 6GB
    - 16GB RAM

    I tried to check Simplify mesh, tried to uncheck
    I tried several values on Cluster generation settings

    NOTHING work...

    Is there somewhere a file which can tell me what is causing this problem ?
    Maybe I am not doing it the right way ?
    Maybe this is not how to use Simplygon ?
    Is there a PRECISE tutorial on how to do ?


    Sounds like you're running out of GPU memory and the only thing you can do is get a card with more memory, or try to combine fewer objects.


      I know this is really late, but i stumbled across this when looking for something else. LOL.

      Just wanted to say that i've seen similar errors quite a lot when working with large landscapes and what happens is UE will fill up your memory, then once thats maxed it will start paging out to your page file. It will fill up the page file then until it just crashes the engine. (i think this is what it does, seems to be anyhow perhaps its a memory leak...
      I've been able to avoid errors like this by setting my system to have a large page file size (like 32-48gb of page file) I know this sounds CRAZY, but i don't get crashes like this. So, buy more ram, and or increase your page file size :-)
      Outer Planet Studios