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Dither opacity on Hair Shader in UE4

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    Dither opacity on Hair Shader in UE4


    I followed PhotorealisticCharacter documents and example for hair ( )
    I prepared Opacity map( Alpha map ), ID, Depth, Root. Everything works fine except opacity mask on hair.

    Please see below pic

    In Video, they used Dither Opacity mask for glass. I guess Dither opacity(Temporal AA) is also using on Hair shading.
    However, on my character's hair, there are lots of dots like above pic. I've never seen dots on Siren's hair( )

    How do they make clean hair without dots?
    If anyone knows this, Please let me know it.

    i have same problem


      I don't think there is a way to get fully rid of the dots as thats what it is, antialiasing does help to make it more subtle but it will still be there so they might have written a custom shader or just rendered in a very high resolution so it's not visible. This guy managed to implement OIT on the source code:
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