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Render object mask in sequencer? Help please...

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    Render object mask in sequencer? Help please...


    i´m trying to render a mask for some objects, I setup the "CustomDepth Stencil Value" to 1, 2 and 3, for each object, the rest of the scene has this value disabled, but now I don´t know how to leverage that to extract the masks in the sequencer, I tried using a material I found here, but I get frames with depth instead of black and white masks, and this are not occluded by other objects, while what I need is just a black and white mask as it´s seen, nothing more, it could be cool to have the object 1 mask in the channel R, the object 2 in the G channel, and the object 3 in the B channel, but if I have to do several renders, I don´t care, I can do it.

    How can I create a material to extract a custom mask for an specific object? I don´t need to work with depth, I just want black and white mask.

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    No one? No ideas here?

    Mybe is so simple that everyone thinks this deserves no answer, it could be but even in that case I need some help because I´ve not been able to solve it yet and I relaly need these masks:P