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    I'm having a similar issue with Swarm to what some others described a while back, but their fix doesn't seem to work. I'm on 4.24.3 using the 4.24.3 version of gpulightmass as posted a few pages back. I'm using 2 machines; both build locally, however when using Swarm it fails.

    My local machine is set to avoid processing locally. The swarm starts up correctly, the build runs seemingly to completion on the remote PC, but then something fails and my local machine starts the build all over again. When it fails it spams the same error several times;

    02:56:27: [UpdateTaskState]: Task Killed remotely by [remote PC]
    02:56:27: [UpdateTaskState]: Requeueing: SMTextureMapping
    02:56:27: [UpdateTaskState]: Task Killed remotely by [remote PC]
    02:56:27: [UpdateTaskState]: Requeueing: SMTextureMapping

    I also get the classic "failed to send back log file through swarm".

    I'm pretty sure I've had it working with test scenes (I'm at the 'questioning reality' stage of troubleshooting) but as soon as I try to render a real one I get that error which seems to then permanently break the process; levels which worked before fail in the same way. I've tried all the swarm troubleshooting tips I could find, including clearing cache folders and sharing the cache and project folders over the network. The latest attempt at a fix was completely removing Unreal engine from both machines and trying again from scratch; nada.

    Anyone got any ideas?


      Originally posted by Stefano Longo View Post

      I have some problem with a scene that I have baked a lot of time but not I have this issue...
      Which is the reason? It can't be a RAM problem because I've already bake this scene! I also tried to transfer the model to a new file but same error .....


      Finally I have solved, it was a problem given by a single light Map


        Hi friends,

        Need help! I'm using UE 4.21.0 and I baked the scene using GPU Lightmass - everything works perfectly.

        But when I tried to use UE versions 4.22.3, 4.23.1, 4.24.3 with GPU Lightmass for these versions I have a problem. When I baked a scene using GPU Lightmass - maps baked - but when I save the result as a new level everything is lost!

        Please help - very, very need help!

        Before level saving After level saving

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Before-level-saving.jpg
Views:	2255
Size:	132.3 KB
ID:	1753329Click image for larger version

Name:	After-level-saving.jpg
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Size:	138.9 KB
ID:	1753330

        Before level saving After level saving

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Before-level-saving-2.jpg
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Size:	239.6 KB
ID:	1753331Click image for larger version

Name:	After-level-saving-2.jpg
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Size:	178.3 KB
ID:	1753332

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          Originally posted by Luoshuang View Post

          This error can be related to overclocking. Some non-founder version NV cards (like my ASUS GTX1080) run into this error frequently. I solved the problem on my card by applying a -200MHz shift.

          Hello, how can I change the MHZ of my GPU, the same problem occurs to me, hopefully you can help me, thanks.


            Where to download 4.26 Dev - the github doesn't work even when loged into the account. Thanks!


              Originally posted by C3D View Post
              Thank you for this release! Works for me.

              Could somebody clarify what is going on at the moment with GPU Lightmass?

              Luoshuang is not working on this particular GPU Lightmass Lightmap renderer anymore himself?

              But he is working on an official DXR GPU Lightmass Renderer that will be part of an official UE4 release in the future (4.26 maybe)?

              Is this correct?
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                Great! Are u going to update it for 4.24 / 4.25?


                  Hello guys, does this GPULIghtmass work with a gtx 760?


                    Any chance update old gpu lightmass for 4.25?


                      dev rendering seem not wrok! any one can look this video help me?
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                        +1 for the 4.25 version. Tried to stitch it together for a compile, but too many errors to fix without actually knowing what files I need in order to compile it properly.


                          Originally posted by tc22 View Post
                          dev rendering seem not wrok! any one can look this video help me?
                          That looks correct to me. The floor and walls are super reflective, so the red color from the floor bounces all around. What do you get with the path tracer? RT is not ground truth and I wouldn't trust RT GI too much.
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                            GPU Lightmass should support Rec Lights. Please add it as a high priority to your list. Thx


                              GPU Lightmass 4.25.0

                              Binaries download

                              Source code


                                pax invictus Thanks again for porting Luoshuangs GPUlm plugin to another new version of UE. Much appreciated!