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What do procedural generated games do for lighting?

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    What do procedural generated games do for lighting?


    I've been looking at procedural generation and begun to look at what these styles of games do for lighting. From what I understand, there is no out-of-box solution for any of the two majorly used engines.

    What type of lighting solution do games like No Man Sky, Rust, Worlds Adrift, look toward to?

    Would something like what Bossa games did with Unity be possible within Unreal? (presumably yes, their solution below.)


    Though, I presume this isn't a solution to a truly procedural game as the lightmaps can't be baked at runtime if I'm understanding this correctly. So the islands must be made prior to placing them in the world.

    Well, with that being said, I'm just interested in knowing what type of solutions those style of games use


    In UE4 the solution is quite simple. Use cascaded shadowmaps for near near shadowing, distance field shadows for mid-far shadowing, and then the far shadow maps for very distant shadowing.

    set the directional light and skylight to moveable, and set the skylight to "capture scene" then it will match the sky.

    You can recapture the skylight while the game is running using blueprints to account for tod.
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