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Ambient only point light

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    Ambient only point light

    Is it possible to achieve similar effect in ue4 like on attached image? In need light up scene with point lights, but i dont want any shadows, just pure ambient light with falloff intensity. Ive try use tranculent mode in material - its look very similar but it also gets some unwanted transparency.

    Thanks in advance for help! Cheers!

    You can create an effect similar to this by utilising SphereMask and Emissive Materials.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	300.8 KB ID:	1425251 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	235.9 KB ID:	1425263

    What I did here was I created a blank actor then added a static mesh and point light component to it. Make sure to disable shadow casting on the point light!

    The actor sends it's world location on tick to a Material Parameter Collection which is used in a material to determine a SphereMask's location: said SphereMask is used to mask the emissive value of the material in the scene.

    Actor Blueprint: (Dead simple!)

    Material Blueprint:
    (The ComponentMask is for changing the Vector4 of the MPC to Vector3, so set the mask to RGB)
    Make sure to make an instance of the Material so you can tweak the Radius, Hardness and Emissive Intensity values without having to recompile!

    I've also attached a screenshot of the Material Parameter Collection incase you are unfamiliar with how to set them up.

    (I imagine you could create something closer to your reference utilising SceneDepth but that's above my knowledge.)
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