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4.19 Physical Lights

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    Hello everyone. I have been following this thread for a while, and I have been trying to figure out physically based lighting in UE4. I have come up with a tool set and workflow, that so far works for me. Check out this tutorial I made, tools are in the description.


      Sorry to bring back this thread from the dead, although I have to say, it was really interesting from the first page.
      The thing is, I'm finding a large discrepancy between what I get in Unreal and what I'd expect, but I'm not an expert on the field so I want to be sure that I'm not the one doing something wrong.
      I'm working on an archviz scene and I'm testing physical light values, but while I'm getting a good looking result with sun and sky lights, artificial lights seem off.

      I've got a completely dark scene, except for a point light at 800 lm, at 1mt from both walls and 1.80mt from the floor. The camera settings in the PPV are 1/60 for the shutter speed, 100 ISO, 2.0 f-stop, so around EV 8. As you can see by the screenshot the room appears very dark and the light is barely visible. I can't understand if this result is correct or not, but from the tests I made with my phone's camera with exposure settings set to manual, it's very dark compared to real life. The second screen shows the base color, and you can see my textures are not too dark. Can anyone help me understand if there's still something wrong with Unreal, or if this behaviour is expected? To me it looks like the issue that Daedalus51 had with 4.19, when a good eye-balled value was around 10x the expected lumens value.
      Also, I've disabled every PP effect that might add shadows/influence lighting.

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      Filippo Romani CG Artist