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4.19 Physical Lights

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    Originally posted by imbakeks View Post
    Hi all,

    I am following this thread since it started and also was playing around with the system. Eventually, I started to put together all the information in a comprehensive talk which I held at the Unreal Meetup Munich last week.

    As I learned a lot by you guys (many thanks to all of you) I wanted to share my slides with you which should be a good reference for looking up lux values etc. You can find them here: Physically Based Lighting in Unreal Engine 4

    For me, it worked best to have a mixture of the above mentioned workflows meaning using the Sunny16 chart for initial camera, sky and sun light setup (using the 35-125k lx range), then measuring the received light by using a white fully rough card or sphere and comparing it with the tables until I reach a correct looking light condition which matches with the values. Especially the breakdowns of sun and sky illuminance for some conditions in the lux table help a lot! Finally, I convert the camera settings to EV values for setting up auto exposure and applying some offset to the min ev value.

    Probably worth mentioning that I was solely using fully dynamic lights for now.
    Thanks for that! Very comprehensive quick guide.