Hi all,

I'm working on a game targeting mobile where the levels are generated dynamically, so Lightmass can't be used. I'd also like to target as many devices as reasonably possible, so using cascade real-time shadows is also a big no-no. To add some visual quality to our levels, we are baking lightmaps in external programs and displaying them using unlit materials. The results are good, but we hit a problem: shadows. We can do blob shadows for the dynamic objects, but I'd like to have the main character use a dynamic projected shadow by rendering the character model into a render target. The problem is that it seems SceneCapture2D isn't suitable for that: it doesn't support orthographic projections, can't render only my character model and doesn't allow me to use a different material for that pass.

Are there any other means for rendering a single model to a render target using a custom material?