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Creating text meshes

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    I've done this. I created a complete character set using the free softimage mod tool - I made a script that creates each character of a font in 3d, then labels that mesh by its ANSI number, then, using a blueprint,I can get the ANSI number of each character in a string then spawn a mesh based on that number, offset by the width of the previous character.

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    Creating text meshes


    I want to create in my project 3D texts like that:

    As Unreal Engine doesn't support creating geometry from blueprints, I'll need some workaround to achieve this...

    First, I thought I could create my texts directly in Blender and import them in my game. > Bad idea, if I want to create a multi-lingual project, I'll need to recreate meshes everytime.

    Then I thought I could create every letters then import them and create blueprints to build them. > Once again, it's probably a bad idea. What if I want multiple fonts? Bold? Italic? It will be way too heavy to create all letters...

    So now I thought I could use materials...

    Basically I could use a masked material and draw letters on the surface, and add depth to that material... Which doesn't seam to be possible as material only affects surface.

    Do you have any other idea how could I create 3D Text meshes?