Hi everyone! I just started using the Unreal Engine a couple of days ago and it's been great so far, but I do have an issue with some lighting (or maybe light maps?). In the image I've posted below (http://imgur.com/a/oW7QM), you can see an object that I've made with build (left) vs. not yet build lighting (right), the left object has very harsh shadows and looks unrealistic and the right object has the type of soft lighting that I want the object to have, but the shadows are blocky and look like sh#t.
I made the object in Sketchup and then later imported it into blender to fix UV light mapping issues that I supposedly had (the objects turned black after building the light).

Can anybody please help me achieve those soft shadows, but still make it look high quality and realistic?

Also both of them appear a blue-ish tint of white, where as I want them to be white (or preferably slightly yellowish because of the wooden floor), can anybody help me with this as well, now I'm here anyway?


PS: the object is just a mesh with a white material and no normal maps or anything applied to it/
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