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UMG Background Blur as Texture

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    UMG Background Blur as Texture

    I'm attempting to get a small area of gaussian blur to happen in a vr scene to temporarily obscure vision in a particular area. I've looked at some methods to do this, but most are PostProcess hacks that while they kind of work, are not ideal since we would like to track the blurry area to the users eye direction (eye tracking via Fove, for example).

    What I would like is the quality of the UMG background blur to be implemented as a material/texture that I could place on custom geo. The PostProcess hacks I've tried that work are generally lower quality with pretty crappy performance.

    When I test the UMG background blur in VR as a 2D widget (fullscreen) it looks amazingly perfect, but for only a single eye. Obviously UMG widgets in vr are meant to be 3d, so I tried that, but the widget is entirely opaque. From what I've read on AnswerHub, there is no plan to implement UMG background blur for 3d widgets.

    So, is there a way to get that gaussian blur in a material? Can the math be posted so I can attempt to recreate it in a material? I think it would be useful for many folks looking to get gaussian blur effects in their games without using UMG or in VR!