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MACOS performances - Game runs better with CPU than GPU?

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    MACOS performances - Game runs better with CPU than GPU?

    Hi !

    I've posted this issue on the Unreal Engine forum, 4 times, and with a "up" message days after, and I got 0 anwser
    Please somebody can help me ?

    I developed a 2.5D metroidvania styled game, (3D graphics with 2D movments)

    It run smoothly on my powerful Windows computer (145fps in 4K), as expected. But on my mac laptop (i7, 750m) it run very very low, around 8fps.

    ( I have a big job todo on increasing overall performances and optimisation, but even then, it seems that my game wont be able to run on any mac os device.)

    IMPORTANT : Then I deactivated my GPU, and force the game to use only the CPU -> And so the game run with 12FPS with the CPU ONLY ! 4 fps more that if I use the GPU ...

    How this is even possible that the game runs better with the Processor than the GPU ?

    > My Macbook Pro can run 3d mmo games (Wow, ESO, wildstar etc. with low to medium settings in 1080p) with at least 30 fps in very demanding zones. How can't I reach a simple 30 fps, even with the Unreal Engine startup project on macos even with very low settings ?

    I'm new to UE4, If your have any advices on the matter, thanks for the help !

    Important 2 : this issue exist even with the startup UE4 game (side scroller)

    > Is there a way I can specify UE4 to use METAL instead of OpenGL ?

    > Or if anyone has an idea, pleasu tell me

    Any kind of DirectX, Nvidia or Microsoft specific stuff you are using? I would lean towards DirectX issues. OpenGL should be ok for Mac.Testing on mac have you tried testing all the view modes (unlit, wireframe etc.) to pinpoint if it's the shaders/lighting or something else? Does disabling one component remove the issue? Also, make sure the gpu is actually being run by UE4, that's an easy one to overlook as the template projects are bugged too.
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