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    If the LPV could be detached from the camera, and its size changed, it would be useful.


      Originally posted by DanielW View Post
      The volume textures used by Volumetric Fog are relatively low resolution and aligned to the camera frustum. Volumetric Fog uses a heavy temporal reprojection filter with a different sub-voxel jitter each frame to smooth out the aliasing. As a side effect, fast changing lights like flashlights and muzzle flashes leave lighting trails. Disable volumetric fog contribution on these lights with 'Volumetric Scattering Intensity' set to 0.
      Does this temporal filter take into account screen resolution changes from dynamic resolution? I seem to be seeing artifacts from that that I don't notice when dynres is off, but am not completely sure.


        Hi I cant seem to render Volumetric fog in a short animation when using Sequencer

        Please see attached pics.

        First Pic is what I want to render. The second pic shows the rendered animation from Sequencer, no volumetric fog renders any help would be great.

        Graeme van Rensburg


          Yea, my volumetric fog will never look as good as the first image, I can't use witchcraft, no matter what I do it will always look like garbage.


            Volumetric Fog seems to be unaffected by the Indirect Lighting Intensity setting in the post process volume, just wondering if this is a bug or if this is just a limitation of volumetric fog?

            It seems unusual to me since it is using volumetric lightmaps, which are also used to light moveable objects and they behave correctly with the post process setting



              I was wondering if it’s possible to make the bounce light of a mirror volumetric too when using volumetric fog?
              I’ve a simple scene with ray tracing enabled and have a spotlight aimed at a cube with a mirror like material. The beam from the spotlight is visible up to it reaches the cube. The reflection is visible on the ground but the light shaft is not being rendered volumetric. See photo attached.


              Click image for larger version

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                What I miss is a feature like this (someone coded it for Unity). Fog blur is used in many current AAA titles and adds an essential layer of realism that UE is missing at the moment - there's also nothing available on the marketplace.