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    Ground effect

    Hi all,
    I'm creating a ball-racing game with special skills like a speed boost. If someone activates such a skill, I want to show a ground indication for other player.
    Right now I use a particle system for the ground effect, but I ran into a problem.
    The animation of the particle system is clipping into other meshes, if the ground isn't exactly flat (pic and gif of the problem).
    Is it possible to achieve with a particle system the same effect as with a decal? I mean, can the particle system be rendered on top of all the meshes except the ball?


    PS: If it helps, here is my particle system and my material .
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    Hi Nyasha -

    Really good start for your effects there. Have you tried to in teh Required module in your System enabling Use Local Space? Assuming you have the emitter set up to a socket or attached in some way to your mesh, the particles should rotate with the mesh itself.

    Good Luck -