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how to set static switch parameter of Material Instance Constant

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    how to set static switch parameter of Material Instance Constant

    Hello all,

    Happy New Year!

    I have an issue to change switch parameter of material instance in asset view.
    I can do that if there are a few but I have over 1000 assets. (It is easy. just click check box!) so I tried to use python to do this automatically.

    I googled a lot but I could get only setting scalar and vector not boolean and switch.
    I know that boolean and switch can not change value at runtime but I want to change it not runtime.

    could you guys have any good solutions?


    There is a get_material_default_static_switch_parameter_value() method.
    Oops, that's a get. Nevermind.

    Based on this previous forum post, others have created different material instances variants with these static parameters turned on/of and then used the appropriate one. Yeah, I know not great if you have many switch parameters.

    On another note: I found another guy implementing his own custom Blueprint function to set the switch parameter:
    Warning, page is in Japanese. Unfortunately, I don't think this can be converted to python.
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