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Flip Green Channel Editor Utility / Scripted Action?

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    Flip Green Channel Editor Utility / Scripted Action?

    Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well.

    I'm having some trouble with a scripted action I've made, I'm trying to flip the green channel on selected assets (textures.)

    I have Get Selected Assets - For Each Loop - Cast to Texture - Set Flip Green Channel - Return Node

    The problem is the flip green channel checkbox gets ticked, however, it doesn't actually flip the green channel unless I double click the checkbox manually..
    Could someone please help me as to what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks! It's much appreciated.

    I would just select all the textures, right click on selection and go to Asset Actions....Bulk Edit via Property Matrix
    then searchbox there for Flip Green Channel and change them all at once that way


      Hey, thanks for the reply

      I was really hoping to get this issue I'm having sorted though, for other texture settings that I want to use blueprints for - it seems to also do this with changing the compression settings.
      It looks like it changes, for example, from Default to Normal Map as the drop down shows the change, but it doesn't actually go from Default to Normal Map.


        So I've realised that reloading the project or reloading/reimporting the texture, makes it refresh to show the correct texture in the viewport, and compression settings in the texture details.
        It does actually work just not instantly like doing it manually or through bulk edit.

        Does anyone know if there's a soft refresh, or how to access the Asset Actions > Reload, so I can use to show the results straight away? I can reimport easily on my own files, but if it's with other people's files over svn I can't do this as I don't have access to originals.

        Edit: Testing it on other textures, it seems to show results straight away to assets I've imported previously and not touched in the current session. Odd.
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