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Get all text in Project with Python

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    Get all text in Project with Python

    Is it possible to access the contents of all text boxes in a project using Python. You know, to save them out as a text file?

    Something like
    textResults = ""
    For node in allNodes:
      if node === TextBlock:
        For text in TextBlock:
          textResults += text
    Ultimately piping textResults to a console or text file output. Only I'm not familiar with Unreal syntax.

    I know you can iterate over each material expression node in a material at least, and by the looks of it you can access the comment node in those also.

    So I'm sure you should be able to do the same with blueprints, might be hard to get them in a particular order, want to remember the results from getting material expression values seemed a bit random but didn't spend much time looking into it.