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Can you break a blueprint?

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    Can you break a blueprint?

    Hello, I just joined from a Unity background and is wondering if you can essentially make it so that a blueprint no longer inherits any features?
    Essentially doing what is known as "Breaking up the prefab" in Unity.

    What I want, is to have 2 blueprints with simular components, but different functionallity.
    So inheritance is not wanted in this case. Can you do that without having to make a new blueprint from scratch?

    You can reparent a blueprint to a different class at any time.


      Inheritance works fine for what you need. If you make a Parent/Base class You can reuse the "features" and attributes in anything that is a child of it without affecting the parent or other children
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Parent.png
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ID:	1657965 This is my parent class with a custom event and a few variables

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Child.png
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ID:	1657966 This is the Child class it has its own instance of whatever the parent contains so you can use the variables and events anyway you see fit.

      The same applies to functions you can override anything it does so each child or BP has its own functionality.

      Hope that helps
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