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Create blueprint asset and add static mesh components from content browser via Python

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    Create blueprint asset and add static mesh components from content browser via Python

    Hi python experts,

    is there a way to create a blue print class asset and add static mesh components to that blueprint asset?

    I am searching for a way to mimic the import into level functionality which (if the option is checked on import) does indeed create a blueprint asset retaining the hierarchy of the imported fbx file with all objects that were in the fbx originally.

    The reason why I want to do that in python is to be able to build the hierarchy of static mesh components myself and swap static mesh components for others in case there was only one static mesh updated outside of unreal. At the moment, I have to import the whole fbx again just for that one object which is super inefficient. O would rather import only the changed object and include that into the existing blueprint asset hierarchy. Hope that makes sense.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I have some knowledge of (automatic) asset import into Unreal using Python, but creating and editing blueprint assets (that are not dropped into the level yet) is where your input is required.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Hey Totila, did you ever find out a way to do this? I'm doing something quite similar with an imported Datasmith scene, and want to be able to construct a hierarchy of my imported object within a Blueprint that can add functionality.

    It seems like there isn't a way via Python to modify or add to Blueprints at all


      I would assume unreal.AssetTools.create_asset would do the trick, but for me there is no unreal.Factory or unreal.BlueprintFactory which I would think should be used for setting the factory.


        No news from my end, unfortunately. Not even sure where I would need to start which this rather simple task (one would think).


          You would be required to make your own factory sadly, while u can create a bp of any type trying to open it will result in the editor crashing. a make child actor would be a great addition to python as well