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    I’ve been building a list of General blutility requests for a while and a lot of them will fit here so I’ll post some more on Thursday when I’m back at my PC, but the ones already mentioned here (all of them) are a big +1 for me. I think the single biggest one for me besides those ones, is being able to bind key shortcuts to utility events/functions.

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    This feature has been awesome so far, can do a lot of stuff with it.

    My feedback is mostly that we quickly reach the limits of it as soon as we try to do more advanced things than just a few buttons that do simple actions.
    Advanced display of data is very challenging, and could be made way more simple.
    Ideally it'd be great if we could have "editor specific" UI items like tables, drop downs, filters etc... (see below)

    UMG Specific

    What i'm struggling with at the moment is making UI that will display data in the way the editor UI would normally do.
    I end up reaching the limit of UMG being made for ingame UI and not having access to more editor-like kind of UI.

    So doing something like a big table with columns that can be resized seem to be almost impossible without doing complicated workaround and hacks.
    My one feedback would be to consider adding very simple ways for people to replicate editor style UI functions, such as tables (with resizable columns), right click menu, drop down buttons, etc...

    This is the kind of display i'm trying to go for (Statistics window), and all the nice features you get from having editor specific UI.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	statistics.jpg Views:	1 Size:	119.6 KB ID:	1605115

    But that's as far as i was able to go without doing crazy things, you can see it's far from ideal:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	failresize.gif Views:	1 Size:	230.7 KB ID:	1605116

    Drag n drop
    An "easy" way to handle drag n drop of assets into the editor widget BP (or vice versa) with a specific UI element (ideally not with a bunch of blueprint node, but a specific class of UI element that is like an "object picker drag n drop target", the exact same way you can drag and drop a mesh into a static mesh property in the editor for example.)

    UI Styles
    Another point that seems very time consuming for no reason is having to handle the state of items in the UI manually (like hovered/selected...).
    It seems only the button class has a "style" property that allows easy edit for these states, but if I end up having to use a listview, i have no access to those, and have to do them all manually with events...

    What could be good for editor widget BP, is to have an option to inherit the overall style/theme of the editor (match button styles, selection colors etc...)

    Blueprint specific
    Haven't found a case yet where I didn't have access to the BP i needed.
    A lot of it is in the Editor scripting plugin, which is off by default, even though editor widget BP is on by default so that's a bit confusing.
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    I think Editor UMG is great! I did some tests and i like it.

    +1 for editor events.
    Also, more access to the editor viewport. Right now only camera position is accessible, would be nice to have also other stuff like fov, viewport size etc.
    Asset list widget, like the standard palette or content browser, so you can drag- and drop into level etc.

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    Suggestion #1: Access to more editor-specific events (e.g. actor selection changed, actor(s) moved, actor(s) updated, etc.). This would make it possible to do things like display real-time information in my widget's tab without using Tick.

    Suggestion #2: Expose functions for duplicating actors. I want to be able to make "smart" copy tools that allow users to quickly copy actors in specific patterns and/or specific distances.
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    Hey folks! If you want to play with the examples I showed on the live stream, you can download them from GitHub.

    Give me a shout here or on Twitter if you have any questions!
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  • started a topic Editor Utility Widgets Feedback

    Editor Utility Widgets Feedback

    Editor Utility Widgets, new in Unreal Engine 4.22, allow you to modify the layout of the editor user interface and set up Blueprints just like UMG widgets. These are Editor-only UIs, and the current implementation enables you to create custom tabs that can be selected from the Windows menu just like existing Editor tabs.

    And we'd like your feedback! How are you using them? What changes would you like to see? We want to hear it all!

    If you haven't experimented with them yet, check out the documentation below or our recent livestream:

    Editor Utility Widgets
    Editor Scripting How-Tos
    Creating Editor Utility Widgets Livestream