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    For everyone using 4.24 I got this reply from the dev team:
    "It looks like the "Set Object" function has been removed in 4.24. That would be the reason your Widget is crashing. It is trying to compile something that doesn't exist anymore."

    But I´m not sure on how to actually display and set the variables in the editor widget in 4.24. Anyone got an answer to this?

    Shadow.Storm mentioned this in an earlier post here, but no further explanation was given yet: "...expose properties for editing without needing to remake editor UI. A helpful hint is to set "this" node for the Object oh these widgets, and then any public properties will show up."
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      Hi. I'm creating a simple Editor Utility Widget. In the construction script I write the message output. After I launch the widget and see its work in the logs.

      The first problem is that after each autosave of the project, the script is executed. This is good, but it would be cool to have an analog event-begin play for such widgets, which will be executed only when the widget starts, and not every update or autosave.

      Now the second problem. It looks like the UE is not unloading data when the widget is closed. Here is an example below. When the project is saved, the logic is written in the log, which was installed on the construction script in the widget. if I open and close the widget several times and save the project, then the log will be processed as many times as I opened the widget.
      The problem is treated by restarting the project.



        first of all so far its been a great experience with the editor utility widgets but here are my two-cents:

        I'd like to see the possibility to change the Viewport mode (unlit, lit, lighting only, etc.), Buffer Visualization, Show-Flags (Mesh Distance Fields, Light Types, etc.) and while were at it maybe changing perspective modes is useful to someone too!

        Changing Grid Scaling would be useful too!

        I guess I like to see generally more options to modify the viewport.



          Originally posted by Shadow.Storm View Post

          In 4.23 Preview, the Editor Utility Subsystem has a function SpawnAndRegisterTab that should be able to help with that, and it just takes the Editor Utility Widget Blueprint as an input.
          Where can I find such subsystem? (new to C++ programming, sorry). I'm looking to launch an Editor Uitility Widget when pressing a Plugin Button in the Editor Panel
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            Originally posted by ac_fabio View Post

            Where can I find such subsystem? (new to C++ programming, sorry). I'm looking to launch an Editor Uitility Widget when pressing a Plugin Button in the Editor Panel
            In c++ it seems it works like so:

                                UEditorUtilitySubsystem* EditorUtilitySubsystem = GEditor->GetEditorSubsystem<UEditorUtilitySubsystem>();
            and in bp just right click and type "GetEditorUtilitySubsystem" and you have it.
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              Any news here? I really want to update my plugins to be 4.24 compatible since a lot of people are asking for it