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Running Python Through the Command Line

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    You need to enable the Python plugin for the engine to load by default.
    edit the PythonScriptPlugin.uplugin under "Engine\Plugins\Experimental\PythonScriptPlugin" and change the following to
    "EnabledByDefault" : true,

    Once you do that the "pythonscript" commandlet will load.

    Update: You will also want to enable the EditorScriptingUtilities plugin by default as get access to things like "unreal.EditorAssetLibrary"
    "Engine\Plugins\Editor\EditorScriptingUtilities\EditorScriptingUtilities.uplugin" and change "EnabledByDefault" : true,
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    same problem

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  • started a topic Running Python Through the Command Line

    Running Python Through the Command Line

    When I try running my script using
    UE4Editor-Cmd.exe -run=pythonscript -script="c:\"
    I get the following error:

    I tried following the documentation here but had no luck:

    Has anyone had any success running their python script from the command line?
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