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The SPAS-12 Mod - V2

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    The SPAS-12 Mod - V2

    Franchi-SPAS 12 by stilobique on Sketchfab

    - Description -The Franchi Spas 12 is a fantastic, legendary shotgun. Featuring both manual and semi-auto reloading, this weapon is a terror on the battlefield, and more than ready to rip and tear through any TAL-9's that come it's way!

    This mod includes -

    - shotgun override
    - manual reloading (or semi-auto with the Smooth locomotion Mod)
    - 8 round magazine
    - increased damage pellets
    - kinda maybe a shotgun shell, definitely not an upscaled bullet shell

    - Downloads -

    V1 -

    V2 -

    V3.1 -

    - Patch Notes -

    V3.1 - export error fix. Project renamed to reloaded 2! Shotgun shell should show up both in the gun and when shot out of it now.

    V2 - bug fixes, sounds don't go off randomly now, and fixed the auto-refire switch so it doesn't jam the gun if you hit it without a shell in the chamber.

    V1 - Release version! Known bugs:

    - shell eject sound plays on spawn- shell eject sound is a little loud- reload sound plays when firing, even with auto reload off.
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    V3.1 is out! New shotgun shell eject!