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Super Smash Recall - Final Destination

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    Super Smash Recall - Final Destination

    - Description -

    Tal 9's have hijacked the Metropolis science labs and opened a dimensional rift in the middle of the city! But where have they gone? To Smash Bros, of course! This new Robo Recall map is a quick survival map, featuring:

    - Complete intro animation (just figured out how to do that)
    - 30 melee bots to tear apart
    - 3 boss revolver bots to battle
    - killer Final Destination music!
    I recommend playing this with my step turn mod for more of a challenge!
    Get it here!

    Disclaimer: I do not own Final Destination's models, assets, music, or Brawl. They are all owned by Nintendo. this is simply a fan project.

    Big thanks to J_Tox for help figuring out the intro code on this!

    - Downloads -
    WARNING: V3 is the only complete level, previous versions may experience bugs.
    V1 - Final_Destination_Brawl.robo
    V2 - Final_Destination_BrawlV2.robo
    V3 - Final_Destination_BrawlV3.robo

    - Patch Notes -

    V3 - Complete level with side walls (keeps robots from being flung off the sides, so it's more 2.5D like the real Super Smash Bros), intro animation, and outro.

    V2 - Not sure what's different here

    V1 - Buggiest, most barebones version.
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    Rave185 , congratulation for this new fantastic mod.
    I'm sure the Robo Recall community will enjoy your map.


      Thank you so much J_Tox ! I hope they will!